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Liz Revit - About The Designer

liz-pictureAs president of E.A. Revit, Inc., Liz Revit specializes in designing and licensing artwork for use on consumer products and writing for various magazines, books, and trade publications in the arts and crafts industry.

Prior to opening her own business, Liz spent 14 years in the finance industry where she held challenging jobs ranging from account executive, legal contract consultant, personal communications coach, executive speechwriter, marketing analyst, and project manager.

At the height of her business career, Liz was responsible for managing a company-wide project associated with Prudential Financial Services' change to a publicly-traded stock company through a process called demutualization. After this rewarding and monumental task, she decided to venture out on her own.

She signed her first licensing contract with Toland Home Garden in 2005 and has been licensing her artwork ever since.

Wow! An Artist With a Degree in Business

That's right. Liz Revit has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in English. She also earned a master’s degree in communications.

Liz Revit prides herself on understanding the "business side" of art. Her business partners can attest to Liz's strong attention to detail, quick follow-through, and positive attitude.

Design Skills & Business Skills - a Winning Combination!

If you're a manufacturer interested in licensing Liz's artwork, please contact her here. Liz understands business relationships, and is always interested in forging new partnerships in the licensing industry.